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Fat Fiction reveals how the United States government relied on questionable evidence to support one of the most damaging public health recommendations in the history of our country: the “low fat diet.”

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Kannattaa ehdottomasti katsoa. Melkoisen vahva asiantuntijakaarti ruotii tyydyttyneen rasvan demonisoinnin, kuten tästä arvostelusta käy ilmi:

Film Brings Hope to those Struggling With Obesity, Metabolic Disease

The documentary, Fat Fiction, features a cast of many of the best-known, innovative, and knowledgeable practitioners, researchers and journalists in the world of therapeutic carbohydrate restriction, but one could argue that the film’s true stars are the patients, whose successes are nothing short of inspiring.

Fans of the low-carb lifestyle will no doubt love appearances by best-selling journalists and authors Gary Taubes and Nina Teicholz, popular practitioners including narrator Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Rob Lustig, Dr. Brian Lenzkes, Dr. Sarah Hallberg, Dr. Eric Westman, Alyssa Gallagher RD, and other well-known experts like Professor Tim Noakes, Johnny Bowden, Dr. Zoe Harcombe, PhD, Professor Andrew Mente, and LowCarbUSA founder Doug Reynolds.

Where Fat Fiction stands to make its greatest impact, however, is with viewers, who have tried, without success – in many cases for decades – to lose weight and improve their health following the misguided advice they’ve been given by practitioners.

That advice, which has over the past decades been driven largely from the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, includes the idea that “eating fat makes you fat,” and that “saturated fat will kill you.” Fat Fiction explores how these beliefs became ingrained in our minds and likely led to epidemics of metabolic diseases. Currently, the adult obesity rate in the U.S. stands at 42.4%.

Produced by Wide Eye Productions and directed by the award-winning filmmaker, Jennifer Isenhart, Fat Fiction succeeds wildly in its effort to bring hope to those struggling with obesity and metabolic disease—using real-life patient stories to show how much of what we’ve been told about nutrition, including fat, is indeed fiction.

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Nostetaanpas hieman tätä ketjua miljoonan katselukerran virstanpylvään sivuuttaminen kunniaksi.

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